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The date: April 2nd 1994, the location: 1975 Victory Blvd., 2nd floor loft; the Tanning Loft opened its doors to the public and began to greet its first patrons. With just four regular beds that required 20 to 30 minutes of tanning and a single 2000 watt face tanner, it wasn't prepared for what was about to happen next. Within a matter of just a couple of weeks, the Tanning Loft was at its maximum capacity with an average wait time of 30 minutes plus, from open to close 7 days a week.

The heat was on, the owners Tommy and Joey Costa scrambled to answer the demand by expanding the salon. Fortunately the adjoining store was vacant and available. A new contract was signed and within a few weeks there was a new doorway open to the expanded space. This proved to be golden opportunity to capitalize on the situation, everything seemed to be working perfectly and a steady stream of success seemed eminent, but there was something that was about to change the game that the brothers weren't anticipating; a new tanning salon with many years of experience in the business, was just about to open right down the street.

With tanning salons not being like pizzeria's or deli’s where you could sustain one on almost every street corner, this gave way to a whole new scenario. A new tanning salon with an anticipated 12 room capacity was opening approximately 100 yards from the newly successful Tanning Loft just several months after the grand opening, this stirred some emotions in the two owners of the Loft; a little fear and quite a bit of resolve.

This very new situation wound up being the launching pad that propelled the Tanning Loft to become Staten Islands largest and busiest tanning salon. The focus and the goal changed. It was no longer about running a business to earn a profit. Earning a salary no longer played a roll in the new vision, it was about being the best at any cost and to win the battle for customers over any competitors. "It was war, Tanning Wars!".

Now with no hesitation Tommy and Joey, with laser like focus determined to take the Tanning Loft to a level competitors would struggle to keep up with. And now without the motivation to make money, but rather to make the Tanning Loft too tempting to a consumer that is looking for a great tan at an even better price, the new formulary would have to be a success.

The plan; have the best equipment, guarantee the lowest prices, frequently change the bulbs, open more locations, try to give the best service and keep the salons as clean and sanitary as possible and most of all be relentless in pursuing this new ambitious approach, never giving up and always trying to anticipate the next best offer for the consumer.

This approach proved to be a successful remedy for the Tanning Loft and Staten Islanders. It changed the face of tanning, now with very affordable pricing and new advanced equipment being implemented across the island, more people began to frequent indoor tanning salons. The time of 10 sessions for a $100 dollars for a regular bed are far behind us, thanks to the Tanning Loft introducing the new standard of 10 sessions for only $20. We'd like to note that the Tanning Loft to this day still offers the lowest prices and most advanced equipment on the island guaranteed, along with the most locations that is still the only salon that is fully networked for the last 18 years allowing your membership to be honored at all 5 locations.

The Tanning Loft is always grateful for the many loyal customers returning year after year and would like to say thank you for your continued support.

Written by: Thomas Costa